There is no off season

We say it all the time here at Shaffer Strength & Conditioning, and I’m sure you have heard it before elsewhere.

There is no off season.

But it couldn’t be more true. If you are not working hard to get better, then you are actually losing ground and getting worse, in comparison to those that are working hard around you every day.

Don’t settle for what you were able to do yesterday. Your competition did not take today off. Your competition did not laugh and chuckle and lose focus while squatting or sprinting or jumping.¬†Your competition is not making poor nutrition choices to fuel their bodies. Your competition does not think they don’t have to work hard today.

If it were easy then everyone would be playing for a D1 team and making money in the pros. But it’s not and it won’t get any easier by you not training or striving to reach your goal. It won’t get any easier by avoiding doing the tough things or the things you need to work on.

Do you really want it? Or do you just want it when ……….

  • you don’t have a boy / girl friend wanting you to spend time with them?
  • your favorite show is not on?
  • you don’t have a football game to watch?
  • you are playing well and winning?

Here are 10 great tips from one of the best in the world at his sport.

Karch Kiraly – 10 things you should know

Even the best work hard all the time.

Do you truly want to be the best ??


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