Kasey Ogden

Growing up in the Richmond Volleyball Program, I was in awe of Chris Shaffer and his volleyball knowledge.  I have now been training at Shaffer Strength and Conditioning for a year and a half, and I am in awe of his desire for all-around fitness and better quality of life for all of his members.  There is no one in the Richmond area that has the combined volleyball and fitness background that Chris Shaffer has.  I am in much better shape and a better athlete now than I was 10 years ago, and it is all because of Chris Shaffer and his program.  I wish I had the opportunity to train with him when I was playing volleyball in high school and college.  If you want to improve in your sport, don’t waste another minute.  I guarantee it will not only make you a better athlete and volleyball player, but you will see an overall improvement in your life when you are training with him.

Kasey Ogden
Assistant Coach
Atlee Girls Volleyball
State Champs 2013

Kevin Hoy

Chris Shaffer was my coach for five seasons during my high school/club volleyball career.  During this critical time in my development, Coach Shaffer helped me make significant improvements in every area of my game, especially my physical and mental conditioning.  Many people believe that conditioning is a one dimensional activity involving sprinting, jumping, etc.  In my opinion, nobody understands the mental and physical combination of volleyball specific training the way Shaffer does.  He is able to push players to new levels that they didn’t know/think that they could obtain.  I have seen him work with players of all ability levels, and he is always up to the challenge.  He has a wide range of knowledge that allows him to tailor workouts to any group of players.  As a coach now myself of nine years, I use Shaffer’s drills and exercises for my high school team in every practice.  I just wish I could remember them all!!  I highly endorse Chris Shaffer’s strength and conditioning program for your volleyball team.

Kevin Hoy
Glen Allen Boys volleyball coach

Carol Slusher

Chris is an excellent fitness trainer who worked with our national teams for a number of years.  He not only developed the strength, stamina and speed of our athletes… but also their performance, allowing them to discover their potential with new-found confidence.   His training program is intense, sport specific, and based on a team’s composition and needs.  He is well known for his results… and the recruitments to NCAA ball.  Chris is highly recommended for anyone who wants to excel, and an invaluable asset to any athlete, team or program.

Carol Slusher
Head Coach
RVC Boy’s 17s & 18s USAV National Teams

Brandon Joyner

While I never had the pleasure of having Chris Shaffer as a head coach, I was fortunate to have him come in at certain times to work with my team while I played at RVC. I can honestly say that my sessions with Coach Shaffer were some of the best practices I have experienced to date. The practices that coach Shaffer has put me through were highly focused on technique and conditioning, and I could tell at the end of each practice that he had made me a better volleyball player. The only complaint I had was that I couldn’t experience those practices more often.

After High School, I attended George Mason University to play volleyball at the Division 1 level. When I returned on breaks Shaffer allowed me to practice and play with his Men’s team, and while he wasn’t coaching me directly I will still able to become a better player from watching his skill and determination. I can honestly say that his determination and will to become a better athlete is contagious.

I am now a former professional indoor volleyball player and current pro beach volleyball player, and I would highly suggest people of all ages to reach out for his help in the strength and conditioning world.

His knowledge for the game of volleyball and strength and conditioning put him at the top of my list for trainers in the sport of volleyball.

If I were living in the Richmond area he would certainly be the trainer for me and still will be when I come into town.

Brandon Joyner
Mason 2006-2011
International Professional 2011- 2013
Professional Beach 2012- Present

Mike Nichols

I’ve played with, trained with, and coached with Chris, and no one else can combine his awareness of the physical demands of the sport with his vast knowledge of strength training.

If you want someone to prepare your son, your daughter, or yourself for the rigorous physical demands of elite volleyball, Chris Shaffer is the man you need to see.

Mike Nichols
James Madison University

Coach Morris Cephas Jr.

Chris Shaffer is a man that I am and will be indebted to for the rest of my life. Before Crossfit Bezel, Shaffer was a volleyball coach for me. As a high school student, he would practice me and even put me through some of the most challenging volleyball practices to date. I remember those practices vividly. I had so much to work on and Shaffer was there to help me work on every aspect of my game. After my high school days, I began to dream of playing in college. I was a year removed from volleyball and told Shaffer about my dream of playing volleyball at the collegiate level. Shaffer helped me to raise my fitness level, build muscle, worked on my agility and plyometrics, and volleyball skills. I was a strong player beforehand however, Shaffer knew what it took to take my game to the next level. Shaffer pushed me to be better than I ever thought I could be. He motivated me and made me much more discipline as an athlete. Through Shaffers’ training, I was able to receive an athletic scholarship and compete at the NCAA level of competition for volleyball. Through my collegiate career, Shaffer continued to work with me over the holidays and over the summer. He made sure I never lost a step when I returned back to the court. Through the years I received many accolades for my athletic performance such as Libero of the Year honors during my senior season. None of that would have been possible without the help of Shaffer. He really helped me see how important fitness was to me developing myself as a player.

By opening the door to this aspect of my life, Chris Shaffer lead me to many opportunities in Bristol, TN. After graduating from college, I received numerous coaching offers where I could begin to apply what Shaffer had taught me over the years to my own volleyball athletes. I have coached a variety of levels from club, high school, boys, girls, and even at the collegiate level. I was the primary defensive volleyball coach for King University for three years. The experience I received from Shaffer combined with a few other life experiences has helped to land me in my current occupation. I’m currently the Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at King University where I am able to apply the volleyball skills, fitness level, agility goals, and overall player conditioning for my athletes here at King. Without Shaffer helping me to develop my own athletic ability, the door would have never opened for me to continue my volleyball development here at King. Shaffer is one of the most instrumental role players in my development as an athlete, coach, and person. If ever there was a volleyball coach that helped to mold me and develop me it was Chris Shaffer. The level that he cares about developing his athletes in all aspects of life is beyond reproach. Shaffer is committed to developing his athletes and preparing them for whatever level or challenge they are trying to tackle. Coaching at a variety of levels, Shaffer knows what it takes to make any athlete be able to perform in the arena of volleyball. I support Chris Shaffer wholeheartedly in any undertaking he tries to pursue. In the realm of volleyball, Shaffer can and will nurture any athlete to be successful.  For that, I will always be grateful and thankful for him and what he has done for me and my life.

Coach Morris Cephas Jr.
King Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

Nick Allen

I credit Chris with making me into a volleyball player.

No other coaching I received before that or have received since has had the monumental effect that his did. The combination of discipline, physical and mental strength training, and fundamental volleyball technique is unmatched. He helped me create a mindset tuned into volleyball at another level. Because of his coaching, a 17-year-old, first time volleyball player received looks from Mason, Hawaii, Nazareth, UC Santa Cruz and the likes. Though I ultimately chose to play club at Virginia Tech, I have received NCVF and EIVA All-Tournament honors, contributed to a team who has upset teams of ex-DI players, and won many high level tournaments and even a few big money purses. I can’t overstate the power behind Chris’s volleyball coaching, both on and off the court. While I may be a small fish in the big sea of competitive volleyball, Chris gave me the skills to compete at a high level of volleyball competition.

Nick Allen
Virginia Tech

Collin Powers

Chris – That is just wonderful that you continue to expand the impact of your coaching skills and the integration of physical development and training along with volleyball skill development. Since the time we coached together in the late 90s, I have observed again and again that having a training coach who knows the game and who knows the ranges of motion and needs for agility and quickness in our sport leads to the highest potential that a young athlete can attain. I also know that going in the wrong direction with weight lifting and certain other forms of strength training will only limit the athlete’s mobility and increase the chance of injury. I am so happy that you are offering this training to the athletes of Central Virginia. They are lucky to have you.

All the best,
Collin Powers
USA Volleyball High Performance Program

Amy Wong

I first met Chris seven years ago during my freshman year at VCU.

Since then I’ve seen his passion for volleyball and strength and conditioning grow into CrossFit Bezel and Shaffer Strength and Conditioning. As both a professional volleyball player and a CrossFit athlete I can say with confidence that Chris knows his stuff!

His background rooted in volleyball allows him to coach volleyball players with sport-specific knowledge that you might not get from a trainer at a big-box gym. Having a good level of athleticism is important for every volleyball player regardless of age, position, or level of play.

Training with Chris at Shaffer Strength and Conditioning will provide athletic gains that are sure to transfer over in to your play on court.

Amy Wong

15 years of playing volleyball
DS/OH at University of New Mexico
3rd place at 2013 USA volleyball nationals in Women’s pro division
(almost) 2 years of CrossFit
2 years playing pro in France
All-tournament team for N3 (that’s the divison) in France 2013/14 season
Voted best attacker for N3 2013/14 season (standing a whopping 5’7” 😉 )

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