Amy Wong

I first met Chris seven years ago during my freshman year at VCU.

Since then I’ve seen his passion for volleyball and strength and conditioning grow into CrossFit Bezel and Shaffer Strength and Conditioning. As both a professional volleyball player and a CrossFit athlete I can say with confidence that Chris knows his stuff!

His background rooted in volleyball allows him to coach volleyball players with sport-specific knowledge that you might not get from a trainer at a big-box gym. Having a good level of athleticism is important for every volleyball player regardless of age, position, or level of play.

Training with Chris at Shaffer Strength and Conditioning will provide athletic gains that are sure to transfer over in to your play on court.

Amy Wong

15 years of playing volleyball
DS/OH at University of New Mexico
3rd place at 2013 USA volleyball nationals in Women’s pro division
(almost) 2 years of CrossFit
2 years playing pro in France
All-tournament team for N3 (that’s the divison) in France 2013/14 season
Voted best attacker for N3 2013/14 season (standing a whopping 5’7” 😉 )

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