Success Is Not An Accident

Are the habits you have today, on par with the dreams you have for tomorrow?
Success Is Not An Accident !
Do you show up early? Do you stay late?
Do you strive for perfection even when it’s hard or you are tired or your friends are going out?
Or are you doing just what everyone else is doing?
What is the level of excellence do you hold yourself to?
Is it “just good enough” or is it so good that you have to work at it every day?


If you want to be better than the competition than you must be willing to do things they are not. Not just the competition you are better than now or beat this year. That’s easy. But are you better than the competition that awaits you tomorrow or a year from now when you go to college or pro?


Just talk to some of the alumni here at Shaffer Strength & Conditioning.
Hudson Bates, Kristin Carpenter, Robert Chilcoat, Maddie French, Rachel Stanford, Morris Cephas, Kayleigh Moody, Courtney Hott, Amy Wongsdottir, Nick Allen to name a few.


They will tell you the truth about what we do here and the reality of what awaits you through the next door. 99% of you are not ready. But we can change that. It won’t be easy and you won’t always want to do it or understand it. But I can emphatically promise you, it will be worth it if you trust the process and do the work.


There are no magic pills, no 3 easy payments of $9.99, you will have to work and sweat and sometimes bleed for it.


If you are ready to do the hard work and do things you have never done before and reach heights you never knew existed and be pushed to new limits, all so you can be ready for tomorrow, then drop us a line.


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